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Does your business suffer from Empty Shop Syndrome?

Now that we have experienced one full UK wide lockdown and are the edge of potentially another how visible is your business?

Does your business suffer from Empty shop syndrome? What is it and how can you ensure that you are not in that camp?

Let us say that your website and your social channels are effectively your digital shop front, the shop front in 2020 that most consumers are engaging with. That said how friendly is that shop front? Are your customers greeted by you or your colleagues or do they simply land on a faceless brand heavy page?

You see empty shop syndrome is exactly that, like a high street shop without any staff ready to greet its customers.

You wouldn’t expect to walk into a jewellers tor a butchers or bakers and not be able to buy their wares as nobody is behind the counter would you? So why would you present your business in that way?

In order to avoid this digital faux pas you need to ensure that your homepages and social channels actually feature the people that will be serving your customers, regardless of industry.

You need to be seriously considering meet the team photos and videos and a video on your homepage to instantly greet and engage your customers.

With the world continuing to need digital media in order to transact make your channels the best they can be, be friendly and make sure your shop front isn’t empty!

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