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Happy Canada Day!

PVS wants to wish everyone a Happy Canada Day!

We're lucky here at PVS HQ that we get to work with Devon (our token Canadian) week in and week out. He's only been part of the PVS family since April, but he's invaluable behind the scenes helping the business grow.

Devon said, "Working at PVS has been great! The team is super close-knit and it's an awesome and cool environment to come to work. Being the only Canadian or "token foreign" comes with some playful banter, but it's always in good fun.

"However, they've asked to take some pictures of me with my Canada Rugby shirt on and I'm sure they've doctored the images... I'm scared to think what they've done..."

Clearly he knows the team too well! Here's our photoshopped Canada Day image of Devon!

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