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Introducing the #PropShow Beer

The Prop Show Beer made a huge splash at Sanjfest 3 in London on Friday.

The PVS team dragged two cases of our bespoke beer down to Covent Garden and attendees couldn't wait to get their hands on a bottle and pose for a selfie. It goes without saying that none of the beer came back to Grantham with us.

Our Prop Show beer is a hand crafted pale blonde from the Grantham-based Oldershaw Brewery. All future guests that come to PVS studios to be part of the show will get the chance to try our super-refreshing beer.

In the meantime, the smiles on everyone's faces at Sanjfest 3 as they receive their bottle of Prop Show beer says it all!

If you're interested in being a guest on the #PropShow send us an email at

To find out more about how Property Video Solutions can help your business please visit our website.

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