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LEO Media at the Mercury Business Awards

Awards season is in full swing and on Friday evening Chris and Matt attended the Mercury Business Awards at Greetham Valley in neighbouring Rutland!

Not only was LEO Media an official associate sponsor for the event, but our entire team pulled together to create the engaging business films that were shown on the night.

Our Managing Director Matt Lee said, "I've never been prouder of our small team! The filming, editing and marketing for the event ran like clockwork; but seeing the reception the films had on the night by businesses from our area was the best part for me.

"I can't even count the number of people that came up afterwards to say they thought their film was fantastic. It's a true testament to our team."

Judging from the pictures that were taken on the night by the guys, it looks like they had a great time!

Regarding the event itself, our other Managing Director Chris England added, "It was great to see all the businesses that we filmed again and to share this special night with them!

"I think it's incredibly important to pause and recognise all the great things businesses are doing in our area. There are really too many to count!

"As I said to all the nominees when filming, the real prize was being nominated and being recognised by your peers in the first place.

"I'm also exceedingly proud of the PVS LEO Media team and the role we all played in making the event a success.

"On a side note, I would also like to thank the internet for selecting Matt to be the designated driver for the evening, which allowed me to metaphorically put my hair down."

If you don't know what Chris was eluding to, we held a Facebook poll to allow our clients and followers to decide who would be the designated driver for the evening. Over 100 people voted, and the internet decided by a whisker that Matt would be the sensible team member for the evening.

The hard work continues for the PVS LEO Media team as we are now filming and editing footage for the Grantham Business Awards! The entire team will be attending the event on 1 November at St Wulfram’s Church.

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