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Office facelift

Back in June, PVS HQ experienced a massive flood that required Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue to come and pump thousands of litres of water out of our studios.

Fast forward to September, and our offices look like a bomb has gone off! Luckily for us, it's because PVS HQ is getting a complete makeover with new carpets, tiles and paint. Our glorious leader Chris is embracing his inner Mauricio Pochettino and coordinating all the work from the touch line.

There's even rumours floating around the PVS team that Chris and Matt have commissioned custom made, PVS-branded armchairs for our new breakout area. Only time will tell if the rumours are true!

In the meantime, the team copes with the smell of paint (and trying not to touch anything) safe in the knowledge that PVS HQ will be smarter, cleaner and more organised as a result of the work.

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