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PVS attends Northwood Conference

On Thursday the PVS team traveled to Royal Leamington Spa to attend the 2019 edition of the Northwood Conference.

Chris, Matt and Toby (our newest crew member) represented the PVS team, and met some amazing people from across both the property industry and the UK.

The team participated in the conference as exhibitors, and educated those who attended about the power of video and the difference that it can make for their estate or letting agency.

Matt Lee, Managing Director of PVS said, "We had an absolute blast attending this year's Northwood Conference and we met a ton of truly amazing people.

"Many of those we spoke to expressed their desire to start using video as part of their digital marketing strategy, but they just don't know where to start. However, after speaking with a member of the PVS team, they felt reassured and many participants expressed interest in us assisting them on their video journey in 2020."

Below are a few behind the scenes pictures that the guys took from the event.

PVS also produced a suite of video content for Northwood that was shown on the big screen at the event. These were interviews shot with Northwood franchisees a month earlier in our studios in Grantham.

Regarding how the Northwood interviews with franchisees went down at the event, our other Managing Director Chris England added, "Participants loved them! Which is truly the best feedback we can get as a production company.

"I speak for the entire PVS team when I say it's an absolute pleasure to be working with Northwood and their franchisees."

As a way to generate engagement during the event, PVS also gave two lucky participants a video starter kit made up of recommended gear from our beginners kit list. You can find out what's in our beginners kit list by clicking here.

The PVS team also wants to thank the beautiful Chesford Grange Hotel, which hosted this amazing event! If you ever get the chance, the hotel is just a stones throw away from the gorgeous Warwickshire countryside.

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