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PVS Auctioneers

Matt and Jess were in the thriving market town of Bourne, Lincolnshire yesterday at Golding Young & Mawer to film the sale of high value antiques following the retirement of local collector. Nearly 500 items were up for auction and Team PVS were live on location to watch a man swing a hammer and speak both loudly and quickly.

Upon returning to PVS HQ, Jess fed back a few of the logistical challenges of filming a live auction. Unlike the popular perception of men and women franticly swinging paddles (whilst simultaneously trying their best not to knock each other out with their enthusiasm to capture a must have item), the action was much more subdued. 

Bids were being submitted online via two different websites and some people live in attendance were bidding by simply raising their eyebrows! But as Matt and Jess are well seasoned professionals, they were able to capture the vigor, spiritedness, and energy of the event. 

Matt's cheeky smile above says it all about how he thought the day went!

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