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Sanjfest 3!

Team PVS are travelling to London tomorrow to attend Sanjfest 3!

For those that don't know, Sanjfest is a unique estate agency event aimed at sharing new ideas and best practice for those in the industry.

Chris, Matt and Jess will be attending the event to film estate and letting agency growth expert Chris Watkin who is both presenting on stage as a guest speaker and the MC for the day. The PVS team will also be filming Chris Watkin as he embarks on walkabouts on the event floor conducting impromptu interviews with attendees.

Our PVS crusaders will also be lugging two cases of our brand new #Propshow beer around Sanjfest. Be sure to catch up with us for a selfie and a bottle to take home!

To find out more about how Property Video Solutions can help your business please visit our website.

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