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The biggest influencers on our business

A frequent question we get asked here at PVS HQ is who are the biggest influencers on the way we run our business and our philosophy general.

If you asked either of our managing directors, the name they both frequently drop is Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary V is a successful entrepreneur and businessman and is a digital marketing expert, but he's much more than that. He offers inspiring entrepreneurs practical advice on not necessarily on how to become rich; but rather, a blueprint on how to live their lives on their own terms and be successful in business.  If you had to read one book by Gary V, we'd recommend Crushing It!

Another inspiring figure that everyone in the team can relate to is Sir Richard Branson — the owner of the Virgin Group. His philosophy is based on simple principles. They are:

1) Take care of your employees If you take care of your employees by giving them the tools to do their jobs, you treat them well, care about their wellbeing and go out of your way to make sure they're happy, they'll be more loyal, work harder and not want to leave the company (even if a better offer was hypothetically on the table!)

2) Don't put your customers first, put your employees first

If you take care of your employees, they'll take care of your customers. Simplistically, unhappy employees can ruin the brand experience for not just one, but numerous customers.

3) Choosing great leaders

At Virgin, a great leader must:

  • Praise employees instead of criticising them

  • Genuinely love all people from the cleaning staff to the senior executives

  • Be a great listener who not only hears the recommendations from employees but acts upon them

It seems simple, but the reality is many people find this incredibly difficult to execute.

For us at PVS, it helps at the moment that we're a small team and hierarchy is relatively flat. But crucially, as we continue to grow, the culture and foundations we set now, will make all the difference in the future.

We'd love to hear more from our readers and customers about who their biggest influencers are. Let us know by leaving a comment or reaching out on social media.

If you're interested in learning more about Property Video Solutions, please visit our website.

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