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The PVS Team at Sanjfest 3!

Last Friday the PVS Team rode the rails down to London to attend Sanjfest 3.

Chris, Matt and Jess attended the event in Covent Garden to film estate and letting agency growth expert Chris Watkin who was both a guest speaker and the MC for the event.

When Matt was asked on Monday morning what he thought of the event he said, "Absolutely amazing! This was the second time I've attended the event and Sanjfest 3 was even better than the last one.

"The event is always a great place to network with other people working in the property industry and provides PVS with an invaluable platform to showcase the importance of video with prospective customers."

Here's a couple of pics from the event:

To find out more about how Property Video Solutions can help your business please visit our website.

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