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To Youtube or not to Youtube - is it a question?

Hi all - So let's talk about Youtube.

I constantly get asked, 'Why is Youtube important?' and also spend hours every week explaining to people that not having hundreds or thousands of views on Youtube isn't a disaster as long as you are using your content on Facebook and LinkedIn.

So if it's not views we are after why use Youtube?

Let's look at the platform for a second and how people use it.

If you look at Facebook asa platform people tend to use the network as a time filler, when the adverts are on on the TV or to have a cheeky scroll when they are bored, to shop on marketplace, to catch up with friends, to post a photo or video whilst they are out or to look up a venue or review a meal.

How do people use Youtube?

If you are a child, like mine, they use it to watch and absorb content, but if you are older and haven't grown up with it you probably use it like me - as a search engine for how to guides.

You see the way people use these networks is different, based on age but also due to the way they are structured.

So why use Youtube? Because you can!

Youtube is powerful, it allows you to store, organise and distribute your video content using handy links. The files are large and it saves your storage space.

It also makes your content accessible and it stays in the same place unlike Facebook where your video could get lost in the scroll.

And finally and most importantly it's a Google owned product which means that if you use it and embed video content back to your website Google will rank your website higher than those without Youtube led video content ie your competitors!

So the question shouldn't be 'Why should I use Youtube?' it should be 'Why shouldn't I?'

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