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How We Store, Use and Transfer Images & Data 

Following GDPR regulations, you have the right to know where and how your photographs and/or video footage (hereafter referred to as 'content') is being used. You also have a right to know where the content is stored, for how long and what happens to it after any outputs are transferred.

During & After A Shoot

Content is captured on a number of cameras during a shoot and then backed up as soon as possible once the shoot is over. 

Content is copied to our servers for protection during the editing and processing period and it will also remain on the media format used to capture it until editing has been completed. Both forms of storage are kept in two separate locations in case of fire or theft.


Once it is ready, any edited content (hereafter referred to as 'output/s') will be stored on our WeTransfer/WeTransfer Portal/Pixieset cloud storage facilities where you can view and download it.


Access to these facilities are all password protected. 


Outputs will be stored for a minimum of "1" year from the date of the shoot.


All media formats will be cleared of content once the outputs have been delivered to you.

Storing Your Data

We will retain any data and information you provide to us when booking a shoot.


You will be added to our mailing list unless you expressly request that you are not.


Initial enquiries from our website do not hold any personal information other than names, email addresses and any information supplied in the 'Subject/Message' boxes. 

Social Media

In order to continue growing our business we require an ongoing online presence.


We may use your content for our own marketing purposes unless you expressly request that we don't. 

Your content may be used in the following places;

Facebook Business Page - PVS Media

Instagram - @pvsmedia

TikTok - @pvsmedia

Youtube - PVS Media

Youtube - Leo Media

Youtube - Property Video Solutions


Printed Editorial Features

Online Editorial Features

Our own marketing materials such as

but not limited to: leaflets, business cards,

posters, booklets, roller banners, exhibition

stands, web and social channels of partner

organisations where appropriate


Your Responsibility

It is your responsibility and/or the responsibility of your guests/colleagues to notify us before a shoot of any circumstances in which a person cannot have their photograph taken.

Examples include;


Foster, adoption or looked after children

Those under witness protection

Special Forces or Intelligence Services

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