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Charities and Organisations We Support

We believe in more than just providing exceptional service and film.


Through our partnerships with incredible charities, we aim to empower change, foster growth, and make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.


Only together can we build a brighter future for our local communities and beyond.

Supporting Those Affected by Huntington’s Disease

The Huntington’s Disease Association holds a special place in our hearts as we strive to support individuals and families affected by this challenging condition. By raising awareness and providing resources, we aim to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

We have committed to working with Do It For Dom annually, providing free media coverage as well as raising money and taking part ourselves. 

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The Jubilee Christian Fellowship and

St. Wulfram’s Church

We recognise the importance of spiritual well-being and are proud to support The Jubilee Christian Fellowship and St. Wulfram’s Church in their mission to nurture the spiritual growth of our community members.


Through our contributions, we help to create content which enables them to generate revenue through grant funding and promote services and events including St. Wulfram’s Land of Hops & Glory beer festival.

Fostering Professional Growth with Agents Together


Agents Together and Agents Giving are organisations close to our hearts as they focus on supporting professionals within our industry.


Through mentorship, education, and financial assistance, they empower real estate agents to thrive personally and professionally.


Chris is proud to be a Mentor for Agents Together and a regional ambassador for Agents Giving.


We are all thrilled to be a strategic media partner for both organisations.

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Empowering Through Sports: Fostering Team Spirit and Athletic Excellence

As the shirt sponsor for Harrowby United's Sunday League team, we are dedicated to supporting grassroots football and nurturing the talents of aspiring athletes. Through our sponsorship, we enable players to pursue their passion for the game while instilling values of discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.

We are also excited to partner with Kesteven Rugby Club by creating captivating film content that captures the essence and excitement of rugby, showcasing the dedication, skill, and camaraderie of the club's players while engaging fans and promoting the sport within our community.

Empowering Children and Families with Grantham Disabled Children’s Society

The Grantham Disabled Children’s Society plays a vital role in supporting children with disabilities and their families.


By partnering with this organisation, we are committed to enhancing accessibility and promoting inclusivity for all members of our community.

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Tackling Local Challenges with Grantham Passage and The Foodbank

We are deeply invested in addressing local challenges such as homelessness and food insecurity.


Our partnerships with Grantham Passage and our local food bank enables us to provide essential support to those in need, ensuring that everyone in our community has access to basic necessities and support services.

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